Abandoned Places in Ohio
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Discover the Intrigue of 10 Abandoned Places in Ohio

Ohio, known for its rich history and diverse landscape, is also home to numerous abandoned sites that pique the curiosity of urban explorers and evoke a sense of mystery. From forsaken amusement parks to deserted factories overtaken by nature, the Buckeye State offers a fascinating array of abandoned places to discover. This article will take you on a journey through 10 of the most captivating abandoned places in Ohio, providing a glimpse into the stories that haunt these forgotten sites. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on this spine-chilling adventure!

Please be aware that trespassing may be illegal in some of these locations, so move forward at your own risk. Always observe from a distance and exercise caution to avoid wandering onto private property.

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1. Cleveland’s Abandoned Subway: A Tale of Forgotten Transit

Cleveland's Abandoned Subway a

Among the abandoned places in Ohio, the deserted streetcar level beneath the Detroit-Superior Bridge (also known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge) in Cleveland stands out for its eerie atmosphere. This 3,112 ft. long arch bridge spans the Cuyahoga River, connecting Detroit Avenue and Superior Avenue. The lower streetcar level, which ceased operation in 1954, remains vacant and closed off to the public. However, the Cuyahoga County Engineer’s Office occasionally allows urban explorers to venture through the desolate and slightly unnerving tunnels during special events.

Location: Detroit-Superior Bridge, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


2. Geauga Lake Amusement Park: A Once-Thriving Family Destination

Initially established in 1887, Geauga Lake Amusement Park was once the world’s largest theme park. Today, this abandoned place in Ohio lies overgrown and decaying, with crumbling roller coasters, vacant concession stands, and neglected ticket booths that no longer welcome visitors. Since 2007, the park’s deserted state has not prevented the landscape from showcasing remnants of its glorious past, stirring nostalgic memories of cherished family vacations.

Location: Parkman, OH 44021, USA; Geauga Lake, Ohio 44202, USA

3. Helltown: A Mysterious Evacuation and Haunting Legends

Helltown A Mysterious Evacuation and Haunting Legends  abandoned places in ohio

In the early 1970s, the residents of Boston Mills, a small town in northern Summit County, were ordered by the U.S. government to leave their homes. The town, now commonly referred to as “Helltown,” became enveloped in legends of Satanic activity, government conspiracies, and mutated citizens. While the official reason for the evacuation was the establishment of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, local lore insists that the deserted homes, buildings, and streets are haunted by the spirits of those who were forced to leave.

Location: Boston, OH 44264, USA

4. Chippewa Lake Amusement Park: Rusting Remnants of a Bygone Era

Nestled in Medina County, the forlorn site of Chippewa Lake Park now features only a few piles of amusement park ruins and a rusted ferris wheel. In operation from 1878 to 1978, the park was once a bustling destination for family entertainment. Today, the Medina County Historical Society houses the former amusement park’s welcome sign, and various remnants of the park’s rides still remain, standing as silent witnesses to its vibrant past.

Location: Chippewa Lake, OH 44215, USA

5. Molly Stark Hospital: A Decaying Facility with Restless Spirits

Molly Stark Hospital

Constructed in the 1920s in the Spanish Revival-style, the Molly Stark Mental Hospital in Louisville, Ohio was once a bustling medical facility. However, since its closure in the mid-90s, this former tuberculosis hospital – now referred to as “Molly Stark Park” – has been left to decay. The surrounding area has been transformed into a public park, but the asbestos-filled building is set to be demolished and is thought to be haunted. The authorities strictly prohibit trespassing.

Location: Stark County Park District-Molly Stark Park, 7900 Columbus Rd NE, Louisville, OH 44641, USA

6. Carpenter’s Mill: Remnants of a Forgotten Mill Town

Very little remains of Carpenter’s Mill, an early 1800s mill town in Delaware County. The ruins of Bieber’s Mill, built in 1840, sit along the Olentangy River near Ohio Wesleyan University, and stone bridge pillars serve as the only testament to this long-forgotten town.

Location: Carpenter’s Mill, 4287 Scott’s Way, Powell, OH 43065, USA

7. Moonville: An Abandoned Coal Mining Town with a Haunted Tunnel

Moonville abandoned places in ohio

Founded in 1856, Moonville was once a bustling coal mining town in southeastern Ohio’s Vinton County. The Marietta and Cincinnati railroad ran through the area, bringing life and prosperity to the town. Today, the only remaining structure is the Moonville Tunnel, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who was fatally struck by a train passing through the tunnel. Legend has it that his spirit wanders the track bed near the old tunnel at night.

Location: Moonville Tunnel, Hope-Moonville Rd, McArthur, OH 45651, USA

8. Peters Cartridge Company: A Silent Witness to a Thriving Industry

The quiet town of King’s Mill is home to the abandoned building of the Peters Cartridge Company, which once produced bullets and explosives. Today, this deserted site stands as a silent witness to its industrious past, with select portions undergoing renovations.

Location: Peters Cartridge Factory Apartments, 1409 Grandin Rd, Maineville, OH 45039, USA

9. Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway: The Longest Deserted Transit System

Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway 1 abandoned places in ohio

Beneath the streets of Cincinnati lies the longest abandoned subway system in the United States, which has never transported a single passenger. The abandoned network of spooky tunnels, located beneath Central Parkway in downtown Cincinnati, spans from Walnut Street to several blocks south of Hopple Street. These tunnels have remained unused since 1928. This notorious site is among the most intriguing abandoned places in Ohio.

Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA

10. Bonus: Your Local Haunts Await

Ohio is brimming with local lore and hidden haunted spots just waiting to be uncovered. Don’t be afraid to ask around about legends in your own community, and embark on your own ghost hunting adventures. You never know what spine-chilling stories you might stumble upon.Are you ready to explore these abandoned places in Ohio? If so, you might also be interested in the Ultimate Terrifying Ohio Road Trip and This Haunting Road Trip Through Ohio Ghost Towns. Happy exploring, and remember to stay safe and respect the boundaries of private property!

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