BIGGEST ROCK IN THE WORLD: Mt. Augustus, Australia (World’s Largest Rock)

Mt. Augustus, located in the Golden Outback of Western Australia, is a natural landmark that deserves all the accolades that nature can offer. With a national park dedicated to this massive rock, it is one of the greatest spots in Western Australia that is rich with heritage and untouched beauty. This location, which the Aboriginal people call the Burringurrah, is a favorite among many.


The biggest rock in the world, Mount Augustus, is around 2.5 times bigger than Uluru, another magnificent sight in Australia. The mountain is an undeniably powerful piece of nature. With Mt. Augustus covering an area of some 11,860 acres, it’s safe to say that its title as the “world’s largest rock” is safe.

The Size and Facts

The Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) in Western Australia claims that Mt. Augustus rises to a height of 717 meters (about 2,350 feet) over a plain of rocky, red sand. Its main ridge spans over 5 kilometers. The rock of the mountain is estimated to be 1 billion years old, sitting on a granite rock said to be 1.65 billion years old. The mountain, known to the local Wadjari Aboriginal population as Burringurrah, is a significant location. Burringurrah is a fantastic location because of its status as a center of culture.


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Location and Directions

Mt. Augustus, Australia BIGGEST ROCK IN THE WORLD Mt

Mt. Augustus is some 530 miles from Perth. Mt. Augustus is about 300 miles through Gascoyne Junction from Carnarvon on the North West Coastal Highway and 220 miles from Meekathara. Unsealed gravel roads may be utilized by conventional cars, but they can be sluggish and difficult to travel on, making them hard for the adventurous. After a lot of rain, certain roads could be blocked off or ruined.

Getting to the Biggest Rock in the World: Mt. Augustus

There are a few ways to reach Mt. Augustus. Some tourists prefer to drive to the location, while others prefer taking a flight. One of the easiest ways to reach Mt. Augustus is by taking a 2-hour flight from Perth to Mount Magnet. From there, it is approximately a 3-hour drive to Mt. Augustus.

The History of Mt. Augustus

Francis Gregory, the first explorer to climb the mountain, named Mt. Augustus in honor of his brother Sir Charles Gregory. The mountain has been a significant site for Aboriginal people for thousands of years. The mountain is revered by the Wadjari people, who have inhabited the region for over 30,000 years.

The Walking Trails

Around and up the mountain, there are several walking trails. The climb up Mount Augustus should only be attempted by the physically fit and experienced. You may learn more about the walking pathways at Mt. Augustus Outback Tourist Resort, which is located at the mountain’s foot.

Things to Do at the Tallest Rock in the World: Mt. Augustus

Exploring the World's Largest Rock: Mt. Augustus, Australia BIGGEST ROCK IN THE WORLD Mt mt

Apart from hiking, there are many other activities that tourists can engage in while visiting Mt. Augustus. The national park offers a range of activities, including camping, birdwatching, and stargazing. To understand more about the history and culture of the region, visitors may also take guided excursions.


There are many accommodation options available near Mt. Augustus. The most popular option is the Mt. Augustus Tourist Park, which offers powered and unpowered campsites, as well as cabins for those who prefer a more comfortable stay. There are also several other options available, including motels and bed and breakfasts.

Best Time to Visit Mt. Augustus

The best time to visit Mt. Augustus is during the cooler months of the year, between April and September. The temperature is pleasant and there is less rain during this season. Warm clothing should be brought because it is important to remember that the temperature might drop significantly at night.

Conclusion: Biggest Rock in the World

Mt. Augustus is one of the most significant natural landmarks in Western Australia. It is a must-see location for anybody visiting the area due to its extensive history and cultural value. Whether you are an experienced hiker or prefer a more relaxed holiday, there is something for everyone at Mt. Augustus. So pack your bags, and get ready to explore the world’s largest rock!

Frequently asked Questions

Question: What is the biggest rock in the world? Is mount Augustus the biggest rock in the world?

Answer: The biggest rock in the world is Mt. Augustus, located in Western Australia. It surpasses even the famous Uluru, measuring approximately 2.5 times larger in size. Biggest stone in the world.

Question: How tall is the biggest rock in the world, Mt. Augustus?

Answer: Mt. Augustus rises to an impressive height of 717 meters (about 2,350 feet) above a picturesque plain of rocky, red sand.

Question: What is the significance of Mt. Augustus to the local Aboriginal population?

Answer: Mt. Augustus holds great cultural and historical importance to the local Aboriginal population, known as the Wadjari. They refer to the mountain as “Burringurrah” and have inhabited the region for over 30,000 years.

Question: Can I hike to the top of Mt. Augustus?

Answer: While there are several walking trails around Mt. Augustus, climbing to the summit should only be attempted by experienced and physically fit hikers due to its challenging nature.

Question: When is the best time to visit the biggest rock in the world?

Answer: The best time to visit Mt. Augustus is during the cooler months between April and September. During this period, the temperature is pleasant, and there is less rainfall, making it ideal for exploring the area.


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Mt. Augustus: The World’s Largest Rock

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