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Travel From Hilton Head to Tybee Island: A Coastal Journey

Hilton Head and Tybee Island are two beautiful coastal destinations in the southeastern United States. Located just a short distance apart, they offer stunning beaches, outdoor activities, and rich history. If you’re planning a trip to the region, you might be wondering about the best way to travel from Hilton Head to Tybee Island. In this article, we’ll explore various travel options and provide you with all the information you need to make your journey seamless and enjoyable.

Introduction to Hilton Head and Tybee Island

Hilton Head, situated in South Carolina, is known for its pristine beaches, championship golf courses, and upscale resorts. It offers a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor adventure, attracting visitors from around the world. On the other hand, Tybee Island, located in Georgia, is a laid-back beach town with a charming atmosphere, historic sites, and abundant wildlife. Both destinations offer unique experiences and are worth exploring.

Travel options from Hilton Head to Tybee Island

Travel options from Hilton Head to Tybee Island

Option 1: Driving from Hilton Head to Tybee Island

Driving is one of the most convenient ways to travel from Hilton Head to Tybee Island. The distance between the two is approximately 45 miles, and the journey takes around one hour, depending on traffic conditions. You can rent a car in Hilton Head or use your own vehicle if you’re driving to the area. The route typically involves taking US-278 W and then crossing the Talmadge Memorial Bridge into Tybee Island.

Option 2: Taking a ferry from Hilton Head to Tybee Island

For a unique and scenic travel experience, you can consider taking a ferry from Hilton Head to Tybee Island. There are ferry services available that operate seasonally, providing a picturesque journey along the waterways. The ferry ride offers breathtaking views of the coastline and can be a great option for those who prefer a more leisurely trip.

Option 3: Public transportation from Hilton Head to Tybee Island

If you prefer not to drive, you can explore public transportation options to travel from Hilton Head to Tybee Island. Although there is no direct public transportation route between the two destinations, you can take a combination of buses or shuttles to reach Tybee Island. This option requires careful planning and may take longer compared to driving or taking a ferry.

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Exploring Hilton Head

Exploring Hilton Head

Before embarking on your journey to Tybee Island, take some time to explore the attractions and activities available in Hilton Head. The island offers a wide range of outdoor adventures, luxury resorts, and excellent dining options.

Beaches and outdoor activities

Hilton Head is renowned for its beautiful beaches and various water-based activities. Coligny Beach Park, located on the eastern side of the island, is a popular spot for sunbathing, swimming, and beach volleyball. You can also try water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet skiing. If you’re a nature enthusiast, explore the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, which offers hiking and biking trails amidst stunning scenery.

Golf courses and resorts

Hilton Head boasts numerous world-class golf courses that attract golf enthusiasts from all over. With over 20 championship courses, the island provides excellent opportunities for golfers of all skill levels. Additionally, there are several luxury resorts and spas where you can unwind and indulge in pampering treatments after a day on the greens.

Shopping and dining options

When it comes to shopping and dining, Hilton Head offers an array of choices. Coligny Plaza and Shelter Cove Towne Centre are popular shopping destinations with a mix of boutiques, specialty stores, and restaurants. You can find everything from unique souvenirs to high-end fashion. The island also boasts a vibrant culinary scene, with restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisines, from fresh seafood to international flavors.

Exploring Tybee Island

Exploring Tybee Island

Once you reach Tybee Island, you’ll be greeted by its laid-back coastal charm and natural beauty. There are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you entertained during your visit.

Tybee Island beaches and water activities

Tybee Island is famous for its wide sandy beaches, perfect for relaxation and beachcombing. You can soak up the sun, swim in the clear waters, or build sandcastles with your family. The island also offers opportunities for fishing, boating, and dolphin-watching tours. For a more adventurous experience, consider trying out parasailing or kayaking along the coast.

Historic sites and lighthouses

Tybee Island is steeped in history, and you can explore its rich past through its historic sites and lighthouses. Visit the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum to learn about the island’s maritime heritage and enjoy panoramic views from the top of the lighthouse. Fort Pulaski National Monument is another must-visit attraction, offering insights into the Civil War era with its well-preserved fortifications and exhibits.

Wildlife and nature preserves

Nature enthusiasts will find delight in Tybee Island’s wildlife and nature preserves. The Tybee Island Marine Science Center provides educational experiences for visitors of all ages, allowing them to interact with marine creatures and learn about the local ecosystem. You can also explore the nearby Cockspur Island Wildlife Refuge, which is home to a variety of bird species and offers picturesque walking trails.

Comparison of Hilton Head and Tybee Island

Comparison of Hilton Head and Tybee Island

While both Hilton Head and Tybee Island are coastal destinations, they offer distinct experiences and atmospheres.

Atmosphere and ambiance

Hilton Head exudes an upscale and luxurious ambiance, with its high-end resorts, golf courses, and exclusive communities. The island is known for its meticulously manicured landscapes and pristine beaches, attracting a sophisticated crowd seeking a refined coastal getaway. Tybee Island, on the other hand, has a more laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. It embraces a casual beach town vibe and is popular among families, nature lovers, and those seeking a slower pace of life.

Accommodation options

Hilton Head offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury beachfront resorts to vacation rentals and budget-friendly hotels. You’ll find numerous amenities and services to ensure a comfortable stay. Tybee Island provides a mix of accommodations, including charming beach cottages, cozy bed and breakfasts, and oceanfront hotels. The island’s accommodation options often reflect its relaxed and unpretentious character.

Recreation and entertainment

Both Hilton Head and Tybee Island offer ample recreational activities and entertainment options. Hilton Head’s golf courses, water sports, and upscale shopping provide a sophisticated and diverse range of experiences. Tybee Island, with its emphasis on outdoor adventures and historical attractions, offers a more laid-back and family-friendly entertainment scene. You can enjoy live music at local venues, explore the local art galleries, or simply relax on the beach and watch the beautiful sunset.

Recommendations for a memorable trip

To make the most of your trip from Hilton Head to Tybee Island, consider the following recommendations:

Must-visit attractions in Hilton Head and Tybee Island

Tybee Island Light Station

In Hilton Head, don’t miss exploring the beautiful beaches, playing a round of golf, and indulging in the island’s culinary offerings. In Tybee Island, make sure to visit the Tybee Island Light Station, spend time at the beaches, and explore the local wildlife preserves.

Best times to visit for optimal experiences

The spring and fall seasons are generally considered the best times to visit both Hilton Head and Tybee Island. During these times, the weather is pleasant, and the crowds are smaller compared to the peak summer months. However, if you prefer lively beach activities and events, the summer months offer a vibrant atmosphere.

Tips for a smooth and enjoyable journey

  • Plan your transportation in advance, whether it’s driving, taking a ferry, or using public transportation.
  • Check the operating schedules and availability of ferry services if you choose that option.
  • Pack sunscreen, beach essentials, and comfortable clothing suitable for the coastal environment.
  • Research and book accommodations early, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • Consider renting a bike to explore Hilton Head or Tybee Island at a leisurely pace.


Traveling from Hilton Head to Tybee Island allows you to experience the best of both coastal destinations. Whether you choose to drive, take a ferry, or explore public transportation options, the journey is relatively easy, and the rewards are immense. From the luxurious ambiance of Hilton Head to the laid-back charm of Tybee Island, you’ll find a range of activities, attractions, and natural beauty to create lasting memories.


1. How far is it from Hilton Head to Tybee Island?

The distance between Hilton Head and Tybee Island is approximately 45 miles, and the journey takes around one hour by car, depending on traffic conditions.

2. Can I rent a car in Hilton Head to travel to Tybee Island?

Yes, you can rent a car in Hilton Head to travel to Tybee Island. There are several car rental companies available on the island.

3. Are there any guided tours available from Hilton Head to Tybee Island?

While there are no direct guided tours from Hilton Head to Tybee Island, you can find tour operators offering excursions and activities in both destinations.

4. What are some family-friendly activities in Hilton Head and Tybee Island?

Hilton Head offers family-friendly activities such as beach outings, miniature golf, and nature tours. In Tybee Island, families can enjoy beach time, visit the Tybee Island Marine Science Center, and explore the lighthouses.

5. Are there any pet-friendly accommodations in Hilton Head and Tybee Island?

Yes, both Hilton Head and Tybee Island offer pet-friendly accommodations. It’s advisable to check with specific hotels or rentals for their pet policies and any additional fees.

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