Things to Do in Ubud
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Things to Do in Ubud: Exploring the Cultural Heart of Bali

Are you thinking of visiting Bali and wondering what to do in Ubud? Look no further! Ubud, an area in the middle of the island, is frequently referred to as Bali’s cultural center. With its lush green landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and spiritual atmosphere, this charming town offers a wide range of activities and experiences for visitors. Whether you’re a nature lover, art enthusiast, or seeking tranquility, Ubud has something for everyone. We’ll guide you through the finest activities in Ubud in this post.

1. Explore the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Start your Ubud adventure by visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. This lush green sanctuary is home to over 700 long-tailed Balinese macaques. As you wander through the forest, you’ll encounter these mischievous monkeys swinging from trees and playing around the ancient temples. Remember to keep your belongings secure, as the monkeys are known for their cheeky antics!

2. Visit Ubud Royal Palace (Puri Saren Agung)

Ubud Royal Palace

Step into Ubud’s rich history by exploring the Ubud Royal Palace, also known as Puri Saren Agung. The Ubud royal family’s official house was this magnificent palace. Marvel at the intricate Balinese architecture, beautifully manicured gardens, and ornate decorations. In the evening, you can witness traditional dance performances held in the courtyard of the palace.

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3. Immerse Yourself in Balinese Art at Ubud Art Market

If you appreciate art and craftsmanship, a visit to the Ubud Art Market is a must. Located opposite the Ubud Royal Palace, this bustling market is a treasure trove of traditional and contemporary Balinese art. Browse through the stalls to find exquisite paintings, wood carvings, jewelry, textiles, and other handmade crafts. Don’t forget to polish your bargaining skills for a unique shopping experience!

4. Discover the Beauty of Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Nature enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore the scenic Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Just a short drive from Ubud, these terraced rice fields offer breathtaking panoramic views. Take a leisurely stroll along the narrow paths and capture Instagram-worthy photos amidst the lush greenery. With local farmers, you may try your hand at conventional rice growing for an even more authentic experience.

5. Witness Traditional Balinese Dance Performances

Ubud is renowned for its captivating traditional dance performances. The town is a hub for Balinese dance and music, and you can witness these enchanting performances at various venues. From the graceful Legong dance to the powerful Barong dance, each performance tells a unique story inspired by Balinese mythology. Let the rhythmic music and intricate movements transport you to another world.

6. Unwind with a Balinese Spa Experience

Indulge in a rejuvenating spa session in Ubud to relax your mind and body. Balinese spa treatments combine traditional techniques with natural ingredients to provide a truly blissful experience. From aromatic massages to herbal baths and facials, pamper yourself with ancient healing rituals that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

7. Learn Balinese cuisine by enrolling in a cooking course

Embark on a culinary adventure by participating in a Balinese cooking class. Discover the secrets of Balinese cuisine as you learn to prepare traditional dishes using fresh ingredients and aromatic spices. Engage with local chefs who will guide you through the process of creating flavorsome Balinese delicacies. And of course, the best part is savoring your creations at the end of the class!

8. Trekking and Nature Walks in Campuhan Ridge

Campuhan Ridge

Escape the bustling town and immerse yourself in nature at Campuhan Ridge. This picturesque walking trail offers stunning views of the lush valleys, rice fields, and the Wos River. Embark on a leisurely trek and breathe in the fresh air as you witness the beauty of Ubud’s countryside. Don’t forget your camera, as every step along the trail presents a postcard-worthy vista.

9. Experience Spiritual Awakening at Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)

Visit Goa Gajah, commonly known as the Elephant Cave, and delve into the spiritual side of Ubud. This ancient archaeological site dates back to the 11th century and features a cave entrance adorned with intricate carvings. Explore the cave and discover stone idols, meditation spaces, and bathing pools. Feel the mystical aura of Goa Gajah as you connect with the spiritual energy of this sacred place.

10. Visit Ubud’s Sacred Water Temples: Tirta Empul and Pura Taman Saraswati

Ubud is blessed with two significant water temples: Tirta Empul and Pura Taman Saraswati. Tirta Empul is a Hindu Balinese water temple known for its holy spring water, where locals and visitors alike partake in purification rituals. On the other side, Pura Taman Saraswati is a temple honoring Saraswati, the goddess of learning and the arts. Marvel at the temple’s exquisite lotus pond and attend cultural performances held in the evening.

11. Attend Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Ubud’s serene surroundings make it an ideal destination for yoga and meditation retreats. Numerous wellness centers and retreats offer a range of programs to cater to different levels of experience. Engage in yoga sessions, meditation classes, and holistic healing practices to find inner peace and balance. Take in Ubud’s spiritual atmosphere as you set out on a quest of self-discovery.

12. Explore the Ubud Traditional Art Village

Ubud is synonymous with art, and exploring the traditional art villages is a must-do activity. Each village specializes in a specific craft, such as wood carving, silver jewelry making, or traditional painting. Visit these villages to witness skilled artisans at work and gain insights into their creative processes. You can even purchase unique handmade artworks directly from the artists.

13. Engage with Local Communities at Ubud Organic Market

Ubud Organic Market

For an authentic local experience, head to the Ubud Organic Market. Held every Wednesday and Saturday morning, this vibrant market showcases organic produce, homemade goods, and eco-friendly products. Engage with regional farmers and craftsmen, indulge in delectable organic cuisine, and gain knowledge about sustainable living techniques. It’s a great opportunity to support the local community and discover healthy, environmentally conscious products.

14. Cycle Through the Countryside and Visit Traditional Villages

Rent a bicycle and explore the picturesque countryside surrounding Ubud. Pedal through lush green rice fields, traditional villages, and serene landscapes. Interact with friendly locals, witness their way of life, and gain a deeper understanding of Balinese culture. Cycling allows you to discover hidden gems and experience the true essence of Ubud at your own pace.

15. Indulge in Delicious Balinese Cuisine

No visit to Ubud is complete without savoring the tantalizing flavors of Balinese cuisine. Ubud is home to numerous restaurants and warungs (local eateries) that serve authentic Balinese dishes. Treat your taste buds to mouthwatering satay, crispy babi guling (suckling pig), spicy sambal (chili paste), and refreshing tropical fruits. Don’t forget to try the famous Balinese specialty, Babi Guling, for a culinary delight.

In conclusion, Ubud offers a plethora of enriching experiences for travelers seeking cultural immersion and natural beauty. From exploring ancient temples and vibrant markets to indulging in spa treatments and culinary delights, Ubud caters to diverse interests. As you go out on a voyage of discovery in Ubud, immerse yourself in the essence of Bali’s culture and make unforgettable memories.


How do I get to Ubud?

The nearest international airport to Ubud is Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. From there, you can hire a taxi or arrange for a private transfer to Ubud.

What is the best time to visit Ubud?

The dry season, from April to September, is considered the best time to visit Ubud. You’ll have additional options for outdoor activities because to the great weather.

Are there any dress codes to follow when visiting temples in Ubud?

Yes, when visiting temples, it’s important to dress modestly. As a symbol of respect, men and women alike should cover their shoulders and knees.

Can I rent a scooter to explore Ubud?

Yes, scooter rentals are widely available in Ubud. However, be cautious when riding and ensure that you have the necessary licenses and insurance.

Are there any cultural etiquettes I should be aware of in Ubud?

Yes, it is crucial to respect Balinese traditions and customs. Avoid pointing with your index finger, as it is considered rude, and always ask for permission before taking photographs of locals or inside temples.

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